Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Here's an update on how Spence is doing! 
He is now serving in Richmond, Britsh Columbia

April 14, 2014 
Hey guys!
So first off I did get the package, and I absolutely loved it! It just brightened up my world J I loved the ties mom they are so awesome!! I’m wearing one of them right now. And the socks are soooo sweet!! It legit felt like Christmas. And I loved all the March Madness stuff Dad! Elder Sloan is in Nevada right now on a vaca (He got transferred for a bit?) so I’m saving the present for when he gets back. Elder Snelgrove loved his tie though he wore it to church on Sunday. He’s like “Man you’re parents are so awesome!” Haha so thank you soo much! <33

My week was pretty good. Nothing too crazy happened, just a solid week. It was cool on Monday we were knocking doors and we totally tracted into the Vancouver Giants head coach. He played in the Nhl back in the day and he was super cool. I wanted to get a picture with him but we didn’t have time. Now I just need to knock on Torts door and see how badly he freaks out J
I got to go on exchanges with Elder Lam from China on Tuesday which was so much fun! He taught me a bit of Mandarin! So that was fun.

Last P-day we played some Football and Frisbee which was super fun! The weather here has just been amazing. We’re planning on doing something outside again today.

I also talked to President Tilleman and he said it would be okay for me to see Elder Mathews so I’m super excited about that! He’s going to call me this week and we will go get lunch or something. It will be so nice to see him! I might just hitch a ride with him out to Port Alberni J

Also the two ladies (Elaine and Gail) Elder Thornton and I found/taught are getting baptized this Saturday. President Tilleman went out and interviewed each of them, so I am super excited about that! Sad I have to miss it but still exciting! 
Well life’s going good! Were probably going to play some more football today. Should be fun! Its crazy we are going to be talking on the phone in like 4 weeks! I can’t wait! Thanks again for the awesome package Mom I loved it so much! And for the March Madness stuff Dad. I hope you have an awesome vacation down in Kalispell. Drive safe J

Love you! XOxoxXOxo


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