Thursday, 7 March 2013

Spencer has offically finished his 2 weeks in the Missionary Training Center and is now in VANCOUVER! He had the chance to call us from the airport before he boarded the plane. It was soo nice to hear from him! He sounded really happy and excited to get started in Vancouver!

Here are some pictures and parts of his letters during the past few weeks!

My companions name is Elder Snelgrove and he is from Layton Utah. Hes a cool guy and we get along good! The guys in my room Elder Owen and Elder Nelson are also really sweet. The classes are interesting at times but also can get really old and boring haha but i like to think im becoming a better teacher

Dad, I do get to call home on Wednesday, and my flight leaves at about 11 AM. So make sure everyones home until 11 cause I really really want to talk to you guys. Mom, don't worry I didnt need the tape or two sets of flat sheets. I also wont need those grey vans, just keep them safe and dont let the boys touch them haha.

But everythings worked out great. Im just thankful I have parents that love and care for me so much. I guess thats why I miss you more then anything.

One thing thats helped me is just always finding ways to serve and forgetting about my self. Dad, Im always trying to use your advice and just get lost in the work. I pray as much as I can because I realized very quickly that I wont be able to do this on my own. I try my best to forget about home, but its really hard at times. I think im getting better though and just recognizing that this is what Im supposed to be doing right now. Reading your letters and realizing how proud you are in me has helped me so much. Thats what keeps me going. Im pretty sure ive gotten a from you guys every single day so thanks so much for that. It helps me knowing that you guys are thinking and praying for me.

Its awesome Josh is in Vancouver, and i am praying I will be able to see him that would be so awesome! I hope he is doing really well.

Lauren, thanks so much for that note you wrote me and all the letters you have sent me. You are an awesome older sister and one of the main reasons Im here! Im trying my best to "shine bright like a diamond" haha
If you have time please thank Grandma and Grandpa Steele, Abbey, Uncle Colin, Becca and Tayor for there sweet letters. They have helped me so much!!

Stay classy! Xoxoxoxo Love, Elder Steele 

 It was so nice for Spencer to be able to see Brett around the MTC!!


  1. Hey! My parents (your aunt Kathy and uncle Larry) are in the Richmond ward, where the mission office is! I'm sure you haven't seen them in years, but my mom is Grandpa B's oldest daughter. Make sure they have you over for dinner :)

  2. Grandpa told us that they lived over there!! I will for sure tell Spencer to get a hold of them! That would be awesome! Thanks!!